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  • Portable Solar Power Trailer With 29.5 Feet Telescopic Mast

    This portable solar power trailer VTS900A with 29.5 feet telescopic mast is designed for DC24 voltage system applications.It is widely used in outdoor work,such as communication,lighting and CCTV security and more.The portable solar power trailer are equipped with three 335 watt high-enfficiency sol

  • A Small Towable Solar Power Trailer With Electric 9 Meters Mast

    Today,i will introduce a small towable solar power trailer.This trailer is the smallest unit of our solar power trailers.The tower dimensionsLength: 3400mmWidth: 1490mmHeight:2425mmWeight:643kgMore info:And it is consist of two 335 watt solar panels,rechargeable gel battery bank,a electric 9 meters

  • China LED Solar Light Tower Solutions Supplier-VALIANT

    VALIANT is manufacturer for solar system.We have 8 years experience in solar system production industry.Specialized in designing and manufacturing led solar light tower,solar trailer and portable surveillance trailer.VALIANT is also china LED solar light tower solutions supplier.We have quit capable

  • 6000W Mobile Diesel Light Tower Outdoor Work light

    The 6000W mobile diesel light tower outdoor work light are widely used in construction site,mining industry,road and bridge maintenance,stadium,public event and more.Product Features:Four/Six 1000-watt lamps produce maximum light visibility and performance8 meters variable-height mastPerkins/Kubota/

  • Mobile Solar Power Trailer With 9 meters Telescopic Mast

    The mobile solar power trailer with 9 meters telescopic mast are designed for direct-current 24 voltage applications.It is widely used in CCTV security,communication,lighting and more. This innovative mobile solar power trailer VTS600A is equipped with three 280 watt solar panels provide power,recha

  • 2160 Watt Portable Diesel Light Tower For Sale

    The 2160 watt portable diesel light tower VL2000-A provide a independent lighting source for outdoor site.2160 watt high-enfficiency LED lights produce maximum light visibility and performance on mine work,constructions site,road repairs and more.The LED light is 150 lumens per watt,total output of

  • VALIANT POWER Is Manufacturer For Solar System-Solutions Supplier

    VALIANT POWER is a manufacturer for solar system. Also we are solar light tower ODM&OEM solutions supplier.Specialize in manufaturing and selling solar power products, solar illumination products and electrical machines.Our product series includes solar light towers,diesel light tower,solar trailer,

  • VALIANT POWER Professional Solar Light Tower Manufacturer In China

    VALIANT POWER is solar light tower manufacturer in china.Specialize in designing and manufaturing light towers,solar trailer,portable surveillance trailer and telescopic mast.Our light towers series include solar light tower and diesel light towers from 200 watt to 6000 watt. Production facilitiesV

  • 1600 Watt Diesel Mobile Light Tower For Outdoor Work Lighting

    The 1600 watt diesel mobile light tower are suitable for outdoor work lighting. Such as coal industry,military, aerospace, public security fire, chemical, government departments and the use of large-scale enterprise lighting needs. Performance characteristics Lighting performance: The lamp panel of

  • 4000 watt diesel light tower with 8 meters telescopic mast

    The 4000 watt diesel light tower with 8 meters telescopic mast provide a independent lighting source for outdoor application. Product Feature: 1. 4/6×1000W metal halide light 2. 8 meters manual mast 3. Perkins/Kubota/Yanmar/FAW engines are available 4. 4 pole single bearing,single phase/three phase


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